Thermo-compost evaluation and soil life through the microscope – Ozora

We will measure the temperature in the thermo-compost made on the first day, then turn the compost pile layer by layer to give aeration and increase decomposition. After that we are gonna have a look at the microbiology in the compost and in the soil through a microscope in the Microcosmos. Facilitators: István Márkuly (PRI: […]

Thermo-compost building workshop – Ozora

The thermo-compost practical workshop explains the cycle of life. Participants will understand how a healthy soil is the basis of sustainable living and will learn in practice how to build a fast working perfect compost heap. Facilitators: István Márkuly (PRI: Permaculture Resource Ireland) – Permaculture Designer and Teacher, Endre Fórika (PRI Intern) – Holistic Technologist, […]