Seedbomb workshop – Ozora

Seedbomb workshop with insect supporting plant seeds

We will make seedbombs out of clay with seeds of insect supporting plants. We will talk about the most important beneficial insects, learn their needs and to which room they like to move into the insect hotel. Also, we are going to identify different predators and pollinators. After the workshop you can bring home the seedbombs and throw them in nature where some insect supporting flowers would be needed.

Seedbomb workshop with local wildflower seeds

Take a piece of O.Z.O.R.A to your home! Participants will learn about the different species in the Fairy Garden and can take home seedbombs with the seeds of plants grown in Ozora.

Seedbomb workshop with edible greens

Ozorians will make seedbombs out of clay with seeds of edible greens, learn about the cultivation of different species that easily get established in a garden, appearing each year by self-seeding themselves. They can also take home seedbombs with seeds of edible greens.


Mici Szabó – Permaculture Designer, herb specialist

Mici is an admirer of nature and she had been looking for something that is close to her world view. She began her search by studying Agricultural Environmental Management Engineering but yet something was still missing, this was given to her by the principles of permaculture.


29 Júl 2019 - 04 aug 2019


Egész nap


Fairy Garden
Ozora, Ozora Fesztivál, Dádpuszta, Hungary
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Ozora, Ozora Fesztivál, Dádpuszta, Hungary


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