Thermo-compost evaluation and soil life through the microscope – Ozora

We will measure the temperature in the thermo-compost made on the first day, then turn the compost pile layer by layer to give aeration and increase decomposition. After that we are gonna have a look at the microbiology in the compost and in the soil through a microscope in the Microcosmos.

Facilitators: István Márkuly (PRI: Permaculture Resource Ireland ) – Permaculture Designer and Teacher, Eszter Fodróczky (PRI Intern) – Permaculture Designer, biologist

István is a Permaculture Mainframe Designer, PRI accredited Consultant, Implementer, Teacher and Local Community Developer.

His experience is expanding through international participation and earth work management in diverse conditions from wetland to dryland, cold to warm climate etc.

He completed numerous permaculture training programs and learnt from internationally regarded teachers such as Warren Brush, Paul Taylor and Geoff Lawton. István’s work is focused on the main principals of Permaculture. He is dedicated to help motivate and inspire others to naturally include these principals into their lives. He is a co-founder of Earth Environmental Education and currently runs the project to support the local Permaculture Community Network in West Cork, Ireland.


04 aug 2019


Egész nap


Fairy Garden
Ozora, Ozora Fesztivál, Dádpuszta, Hungary
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Ozora, Ozora Fesztivál, Dádpuszta, Hungary


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