Hugelkultur – raised bed making – Ozora

Raised plant beds bring you a lot of advantages in gardening. We are going to make one with the Hugelkultur technique, showing the people how to utilize most of the organic waste matter that a garden produces. Simply mound whatever non-toxic biomass you have available, top with soil and plant your veggies. The advantages of these beds: Soil aeration increases as the biomass breaks down… meaning the bed will be no till, long term. The wood logs and branches act like a sponge. Rainwater is stored and then released during drier times. To find out more come and join us to see how simple it is to cooperate with nature.

Facilitator: András Bilibók – Permaculture Designer

András is in charge of planting, maintaining and managing the 22 lavender beds on the festival venue. He’s been gardening for the festival for four years by now. Besides that he also participates in other organic farming projects, abroad as well. He’s been studying and practicing permaculture since 2011, learning from the most recognized Hungarian professionals of the field.


01 aug 2019 - 03 aug 2019


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Fairy Garden
Ozora, Ozora Fesztivál, Dádpuszta, Hungary
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Ozora, Ozora Fesztivál, Dádpuszta, Hungary


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