Let’s celebrate the worldwide movement of the design science that “mimics nature”!

Re-establish the diversity of Life on Earth via building sustainable human habitats, providing never-ending high-quality food supplies, and bringing fundamentally new strategies and models of cooperation among all living beings!

Let’s celebrate the expansion of our ecological consciousness!

Let’s celebrate Permaculture!

01 Introspective


Slow down, and start to observe without judgement, before you interact. Observe the nature around you, observe the nature within you. Keep on, redirect your focus if necessary. Interact in small and slow, then scale it up.

02 Water Drop https://open.spotify.com/track/2LAzehhCqmkSzxqKNBWFn1

Catch and slow the Energy of Life carried by water. Slow it, spread it, sink it. Re-hydrate yourself, rehydrate your gardens, rehydrate the landscape.

03 Wobble Worms

Accumulate the Energy stored in the dead biomass. Build up the soils, build up humus, build up Life! Close the cycles, rebuild the natural limits themselves by design!

04 Food Forest https://open.spotify.com/track/2w3VMK3a33cWGdY9nACUSj
Forests are Life. Once established, constantly renewing themselves, producing absolutely no waste. Rethink, rebuild, repeat – obtain a never-ending yield. Use the edges, expand your creativity – integrate the Paradise of Diversity. Systems, like Mother Earth has never seen before!

05 Prominance
All the energy we use, all the energy we store in the natural systems, is provided by Sun. While integrating all living being on planet Earth, providing a large, visible, physical pattern we adjust ourselves to – the climate itself. Creatively use, and respond to change!

Music production – Attila Lévai (UK)
Mouth Haarp – Máté Tuba (HU/SK)
Flute – Eric Turtev (SK)


Food Forest’ Living Web (tinyurl.com/v8rf2o3)
remastered by ÉletInda (www.facebook.com/eletinda/)
and Balázs Vörös.
Mixed by Grippa Laybourne
Voice sample by Marty Moren

Mouth harps handmade by Tibor Fülöp, and Zoltan Szilágyi.

Special thanks to VIP Jew’s Harp Workshop, Ozora Festival

2020 January, Europe

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